SALTASH - Home renovation brisbane


We are passionate about building and everything that comes with it. Being a bespoke building company, we are able to provide a complete service to our clients.


  • Guidance through the initial design and planning phase, with our designer or your own
  • Assisting you in establishing realistic budgets
  • Liaison with your architect and consultants to ensure smooth communication and understanding of design and construct
  • Council approvals
  • Detailed pricing and scope of works based on your plans and wish list to form part of your fixed price building contract
  • Guidance with interior design and finishes
  • Guidance with choosing your selections and purchasing
SALTASH - Home renovation brisbane


Skilled and experienced in all styles of build, we are especially drawn to those unique projects that challenge us and expand on our own creativity.


  • Rebuilding classic Queenslanders with a focus on design, energy efficiency and lifestyle
  • Adding high-end quality to residential builds at a fraction of the price
  • Pushing the boundaries with innovative craftsmanship
  • Creating unique and out of the box solutions with great attention to detail
SALTASH - Home renovation brisbane


At Saltash we not only respect how complex the building process is but we also appreciate the stress for you, whether it be renovating or building a new home it’s a huge investment. Having personally renovated two houses of our own we know how important it is to be able to be involved with your build every step of the way.

Being personally involved and immersed in each build is of paramount importance to us and we make it our business to work closely with you at all times, promising:

  • Consistent and ongoing communication from the very first meeting. We keep you in the loop and up to date as we work with you
  • One on one service
  • Personal service to minimise budget and timeframe variations. Our proposals are extensive, providing a full scope of works, project inclusions, time frames and payment milestones. It’s all part of our communication and ‘no surprise’ approach.
  • To know your build intricately
  • Long term relationships are built and maintained long after handover of your keys
  • Seamless collaboration with architects and consultants
  • A diverse team of passionate qualified professionals, so you are guaranteed the very best when partnering with us
It is so important to us that each project is accurately structured, to ensure the efficiency of the building process is not compromised and all relationship are working in harmony. In doing so, stress is minimised, and quality of workmanship can be maintained.