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SALTASH - Home renovation brisbane


This is the guy you will see at your initial meeting, when your final proposal is presented, at each of your site meetings, during construction, at handover and for a maintenance visit a year after your build. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience is great value to those lucky enough to work with him. Brett is the one that will know every detail of your project and will be there from beginning to end. You won’t find another builder that is so dedicated to helping make your dreams become a reality.

Whilst Brett often doesn’t work on the tools as much these days, he still loves being onsite so you will often see him there with his laptop project managing, he always knows what’s happening on-site and will keep you up to date.  Brett is constantly evaluating how we can do things better onsite and within our business, this is how we have come to have such a tailored, professional process with the happiest clients. 

Brett has been in the building industry since 2005 starting out as an apprentice, then supervisor, before going out on his own at the start of 2016 as Better Homes and Renovations. Brett quickly outgrew Better Homes and Renovations changing over to a company “Saltash Homes” with his wife Tenae as his business partner at the start of 2018. Brett is committed to having a team that offers outstanding service, workmanship and that each project is carried-out with enthusiasm and attention to detail.  

SALTASH - Home renovation brisbane


This is the guy you will see on site 5 days a week. Nathan and Brett work together to make sure that everything on-site runs smoothly, to schedule and that every last detail is considered. He is a great problem solver and out of the box thinker. I am sure most of the time our clients have no idea the tweaks he makes during the build process to ensure their finish is as seamless as possible. Nath is amazing at his job, with our clients and is a great leader within our team onsite.

Nathan started his career in building in 2006 as an apprentice carpenter and furthered his studies to gain a certificate IV in building and construction. Nathan knew that he wanted to be a builder since he was a young whippersnapper, helping his pop who had his own building business on-site or in the shed which had a big influence in making him the builder he is today. Nathan’s favourite part of the renovation is seeing the look on the clients face when their house gets transformed. Nathan’s one tip for renovators is to research and consult with a builder before signing off on your plans, as it could save a lot of time and money down the track. 

SALTASH - Home renovation brisbane


Robbie is one of our leading carpenters. Full disclosure as we also may or may not have poached him from a high-end luxury development builder (in the friendliest mutual way). We had been wanting Robbie to come and join our team for a few years and in 2020 he did and it made Brett very happy and added great value to our team.  Robbie is meticulous with everything he does and you couldn’t ask for a better carpenter. 

Robbie started his career in building in 2006 as an apprentice carpenter in Tasmania. Robbie loves the fact that he is able to work outside and that no 2 jobs are the same. He loves doing quality work and the enjoyment he gets once the job is completed to a high standard. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

When Robbie moved to Queensland from Tassie he worked on a large scale townhouse development in cannon hill which included 100 townhouses consisting of duplex, triplex and fourplex designs. From there he moved into a leading hand/site supervisor roll for 18months with the same company working for several project builders across Brisbane. After that, he went on to work for a high-end residential developer as a leading hand/site supervisor for 2 years on numerous builds in Ascot. 

SALTASH - Home renovation brisbane


Joe is one of our carpenters here at Saltash and a very integral part of our team. Joe has a fine eye for detail and getting things right the first time is his thing. Joe is also very passionate about design and we can’t wait to see him progress into a multi-skilled qualified carpenter. If his face looks familiar you have probably seen him shirtless in a few Straddie marketing campaigns or lifeguarding on the weekends. 

We first met Joe whilst working on his family’s home in Wynnum back in 2018. After becoming great friends with the family during the build we kept in touch regularly over the years. Joe started an apprenticeship with another building company, he was two years into his apprenticeship when he offered to give us a hand for a few days on a project. We were really impressed with Joe’s work ethic and his eagerness to learn over those few days. Brett was so impressed he offered Joe a position with Saltash Homes and the rest is history.  

SALTASH - Home renovation brisbane


Keagan was our very first apprentice carpenter (school based). We first met Keagan whilst doing a large-scale extension at his family’s home back in 2017. Keagan showed initiative and interest from an early age. Whilst we were working on the extension, Keagan would sit at the window after school, watching and lent a hand where he could. We were impressed with Keagan’s perseverance with wanting to become a carpenter, from good grades at school to his impressive carpentry projects done in his spare time (building a bed head, bedside tables, shoe rack- the list goes on) it was very clear that he was committed to a career in carpentry. We were excited to have Keagan as our first apprentice and part of the Saltash team.

SALTASH - Home renovation brisbane


Lachie is our apprentice carpenter and also our very own hype up guy, if you don’t see Lachie looking excited on site, then there’s something wrong. Lachie come highly recommended to us from a mutual family friend. We gave him a trial onsite but the team were a bit warey as Lachie was straight out of University with no previous experience. When Lachie stepped on site it was remarkably clear that a career in the construction industry was for him and we knew he would fit into our team nicely. Right from the get-go, everyone was really impressed with his attitude, personality, and enthusiasm. Firstly we offered Lachie a position as carpenter assistant which eventuated into an apprenticeship. If there was an award for most passionate carpenter and for life in general, it would go to Lachie. 

SALTASH - Home renovation brisbane


When phoning Saltash for the first time Tenae or Brett will be the friendly voice on the other side of the line ready to listen and guide you through the next step. From your initial contact with us right through to handover Tenae will be there for you every step, offering feedback when needed, reassurance and providing LOADS of regular communication throughout the process. We have always wanted our clients to have a team that is 100% dedicated to them at all times and Tenae is the one that makes sure this happens. 

SALTASH - Home renovation brisbane


Juke started working with Saltash Homes after he was adopted into the family in 2016. We appointed him as our Social Media guru and he does a great job considering he’s only awake for approx 3 hours of the day. He is a serial hug giver and likes to offer support and comfort to anyone willing to receive it.  He is the slobbery sparkle to our office and it wouldn’t be the same without him.

SALTASH - Home renovation brisbane