On 26 July 2015 we started our own small building business in pursuit of a more fulfilling life. Brett had years of experience behind him and it was time to branch out on his own. Rather than work long hours to build someone else’s business, we wanted to build our own. What started out as just a one-man band quickly turned into six of us. Our mission is to focus on a high level of customer care, have the

highest quality craftsmanship and to be the builder you trust with your Queenslander renovations. Add to that the heart-warming reward of making your clients projects come to life, working with our team/mates and we are no longer building just a house and business… we are building a life we love.

Meet our amazing team

Brett - Director

Brett knew he wanted to be a builder from very early on in life, we have photos of him with a hammer in hand as early as 4 years of age. Starting his carpentry apprenticeship straight out of school in 2004 to become a qualified carpenter and then furthered his studies to obtain a qualification in Certificate IV in Building and Construction. Brett’s background is predominantly residential having great experience in renovations and new custom homes with a 12 month stint in construction. Brett has a thorough grasp on the whole building process from start to finish. Something Brett really prides himself on is being able to take the job from being a simple idea from his clients and bringing it to life. The most rewarding part of the job for Brett is upon completion, when we sit back with the clients and see how happy they are with what we have created for them. Brett says that its border line addictive the feeling you get when you have exceeded a client’s expectations and they are absolutely stoked with the results. That is the feeling we strive for on every job we take on.

Nathan - Supervisor

Nathan started his career in building in 2006 as an apprentice carpenter and furthered his studies to gain a certificate IV in building and construction. Nathan knew that he wanted to be a builder since he was a young whippersnapper, helping his pop who had his own building business on site or in the shed which had a big influence in making him the builder he is today. Nathan’s favourite part of the renovation is seeing the look on the clients face when their house gets transformed. His one tip for renovators is to research and consult with a builder before signing off on your plans, it could save a lot of time and money down the track.

Kahu - Carpenter

Kahu started his career in building after being a qualified chef for 11 years. He has now been in the building industry for 12 years, firstly qualified in certificate III carpentry and then Certificate IV in building and construction. Kahu decided on the career change from being a chef to a builder because he wanted a change in lifestyle and to be outdoors where he can enjoy problem solving and creating things with his hands. Kahu’s favourite area of a house to renovate is the front façade because the front of the home is the most important area to create the best first impression. Kahu’s advice for anyone renovating or building a new home is to trust the builder and his tradesmen. Kahu is known for his ideas, problem solving and inventions but he says his best invention to date would have to be a false floor in a pool that you can raise to different levels and lock at the top and turn it into a deck. Our vote is on the drill powered concrete vibrator that we now use on smaller concreting jobs to remove air bubbles from the concrete.


Dave started out his career in building in 2009 after completing 2 years of his school-based apprenticeship. After completing his apprenticeship, he went on to receive his certificate IV in building and construction. Dave knew he wanted to become a builder from an early age. His parents were reps for Don Hay timber and they would bring home scrap timber, which Dave would have fun making structures out of. Dave’s one tool that he says he couldn’t live without is his Tommy Tucker drop saw bench. Dave loves to work with specialty timbers for feature pieces in the home. Dave says the secret to a smooth build is excellent communication throughout the duration of the project.

Tenae - Admin + Accounts

Tenae only recently started working in the building industry last year. Tenae has been working in administration since 2009 with a background in local government, customer service, personal assistant and human resources.  Tenae started with Saltash by doing the book work and payroll part time whilst also working full time as a personal assistant. In November 2017 she gave up her full-time role as a personal assistant to a full-time role with Saltash Homes after the business had expanded and it had become much more than a part-time position. When phoning Saltash for the first time Tenae is the one you will speak with and will be handling all the administration in the background to make your project run smoothly.

Juke - Social media manager

Juke started working with Saltash Homes after he was adopted into the family in 2016. He had dreams of being a food connoisseur, but it was hard for him to be taken seriously in the industry, so he became our social media manger instead. Whilst he has no formal qualifications he goes alright at it. He is the slobbery sparkle to our office and we couldn’t live without him.


Jake’s profile and photo coming soon.